9 Nov

The animist day is soon, so take 11 o’clock stop and think.

28 Jul

the world is big it go’s from USA to Australia with sea’s and ocean’s like the Indian ocean and the Wendell sea.

happy birthday to me

25 Jun

on the 24Th of June I had a birthday party at Tenpin it was so fun you can come oh no you
can not ha ha.

soon history

16 Jun

soon I am going to make a new history show called history with Sean see the first show soon

tea in Britain

7 Jun

Britain needs tea so it can make people pay so in the 1700s Britain made tea ships to get tea in India and give it to Britain.

Horrible Histories

10 Apr

If you like rotten Romans rowdy revolutions or the woeful second world war go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/shows/horrible-histories#section-iplayer to see Horrible Histories NOW!

it is now

8 Apr

Do you want to have your say well lave a comments and you could see it soon